The annual/regular meeting was held at the Case Township Community Center. Last years annual minute's were read and approved, By laws were discussed about changing them next year. We had elected the seat that were up, and renewed them, then nominated officers, they went as follows:

President : Rachel Goodstein

Vice President: Tyler Tollini

Secretary: Mary Schalk

Treasurer: Rita Tollini

If you would like a copy of the complete minutes you can call our secretary at MSU Extention office at 989-734-5287 and leave a message.


After the Fair


The 2013 Far is over! If you didn't come to the fair, then you missed out on a great weekend!
The Weather was wonderful, and there was much to do within the
town of Millersburg.

We now have a new Presque Isle County Fair Queen Ericka Pauley,
and the Junior Queen is Desiree Smillie. We wish both young ladies the best of
2013 & 2014, and remember you are LADIES.

The Fair was a success and the turnout was awesome! We had more exhibits this year, in the exhibit building, and many new exhibitors that participated.

Our petting zoo was a huge crowd pleaser with the young and old alike. Who doesn’t like petting a buffalo, or emu? We had the small animals along with the big animals, with quite a variety to see, pet and
New this year we had the many different kinds of kid’s games.
They were for the young children and then there were more difficult ones for the older children. If you could solve and master the game the kids were then awarded a wooden token. They could then turn them in at the redemption center for prizes. The more tokens they earned the bigger the prize they could receive. 

This was a hit, and will be brought back again next year.
We have many venders that have already committed for next year, and want to reserve their space.
The field stock music and eagles beer tent goes hand in hand and work well together.

The Mud Bog was a beautiful night with the warm sun shining and more than usually for the amount of trucks that were entered. It was a great turnout and the crowd had a blast.

So................. the 2013 Presque Isle County Fair will go down in history as another successful year!

Fair exhibit how-to workshops have been scheduled for Friday
August 16 at 3:00pm and 6:30pm at the MSU Extension office located at 106 East
Huron Street in Rogers City. Participants in the workshops will learn how to
register for the 112th Presque Isle County Fair and how to create
award-winning exhibits. Fair book exhibit guides are available at the  MSU
Extension office. If you would like to register please call the extension office at
(989) 734-
Here it is End of February over a foot of snow on the ground, everything is white, It is defiantly winter! Who in the world is thinking about the fair, activities, food venders, and demonstrators?

WE  ARE….......! !?!!
The Directors, officers and board members!

That’s right, we have our monthly meetings all winter long, and as time get closer to
the fair dates, we start meeting 2 times a
It takes much organization, and phone calls to bring the county fair all together,
unfortunately it just don’t happen without a lot of leg
That is where our volunteers come in so handy. Anyone can talk on the phone, or send
an e-mail. When the snow is deep, that is when we try to lock in our
demonstrators, venders, and groups. 
The fair book is adjusted with changes and updates, to prepare it for printing. The cover is voted on by the board of members, and then it is
If you would like to be in at the ground floor with your suggestions, ideas, and
knowledge, this is the perfect time to jump on board, and show us what you

Our meetings are the 4thTuesday each month, at 7:00 pm held at the Case
Community Center in Millersburg Hope to see you there!

The Fair is done….. Finished…… over…… kaput!

What a grand 4 days it was! The fair was a success!

Thank-you to all the hard work of the officers, directors, volunteers, and we can’t forget about all of you our sponsors and fair participants! Without you our work and efforts would be in vain.

The totals for the fair are not in yet, our treasure is still working on the final totals and will have it at the next regular meeting on Tuesday September 25, 2012. We are planning on holding the meeting at the Case Community Center, in case it is colder.

We look forward in seeing you at the meeting, and hearing your comments, and suggestions
We (the Fair Board) have alot of new activites scheduled for this year.

Millersburg will be the place to be this Labor Day weekend. There are activities going on all over town.

Check out our schedule of events. We have the whole town pulling together, with several different groups organizing and planning a variety of different events.

Not only at the fair grounds, but the library, historical depot and fire department. Even the mini mart store has an information table.

The reason for all the locations is for our new punch card prize drawings.

This will be for one day only on Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

There will be 5 locations for you to visit, and check out their displays, information, buy a book, or baked good, as you visit their location, get your card punched.

You fill up your card with four punches in locations in the village and then, bring your card to the fair grounds for the last punch.  Cards with all five punches can be entered into the drawing for prizes like gas cards from local stations, Woodwinds restaurant certificate's other gift certificate's that Fair volunteers are still gathering from county businesses. 

We will keep drawing out punch cards untill all the prizes are giving away.

The drawings will be the same night. Be sure to stick around, enjoy the music, grab a bite to eat, and the winners will be annouced later that evening at the fair.


Working Hard ...


The Fair Board has been working hard to make this year's fair an enjoyable one for all to attend. Check out the schedule to see what's coming.  The Board is now meeting twice a month to get things ready.  We have met with The Friends of the Library, MOBA and Field Stock to make Millersburg "the place to be this Labor Day Weekend"  There are lots of activities, not only on the fairgrounds, but around town too.  Look at local businesses to see what else you can do, and don't forget to make time for the parade on Saturday!

Field Stock


Field Stock is comming to the Fair!
With their Food Booth!

"What is field stock?" you might ask. Well let me tell you!

    This is groups of very talented muscians / people getting together to play their music, listen to others music, and enjoy the outdoors. They have been getting together and showing off their talent on Labor Day for the past 10 years, and it has been growing every year, with more groups playing.
    They are playing on Saturday September 1st, and Sunday September 2nd, at the Presque Isle County Fair Grounds, held in Millersburg. There will be an array of different types of music, from blue grass, to rock-N- roll. Plenty of lawn seating is available, so bring your chairs, blankets, or bucket to sit on, and don't forget those dancing shoes, lots of room to dance.
     The only cost is $5 for parking, there will be food and beverages to purchase on site.
      Come and join us, and bring the family, music is for all ages, young or old!

4th of July, is a sure sign of summer!
Parades, cook outs, family gatherings, swimming, so much to look forward to.
The simple life, to be able to enjoy the wheather and just being out doors, in the sun shine and fresh air.

Relax and enjoy your summer, with family and friends, because it won't be long, and we will have the white stuff in the picture.

Saturday Morning June 30th there will be a gathering of the minds. After a nutrionial brunch.
This will start promptly at 10:30 am with a light brunch, followed by a walk of the grounds, and finishing up with discussion on events, venders and demonstrations for the fair.

This will be you time to bring ideas and sugestions to the members, and maybe become a member yourself.
Please call 733-2676 to RSVP or drop an e-mail to so we can make arrangments.